Dierks Bentley didn’t write his latest hit song “Gone” but he was attracted to it right away when he heard the track, “When it came time to go cut some stuff, this song just sort of rose to the top. And I gravitate towards it because I loved the title.”

When it comes to that title, Dierks feels like there could be a deeper message for the listener because of what everyone, including himself, has gone through over the past year, “I feel like I’ve been gone, I feel like we’ve all been gone. I feel like country music in 2020 was just gone. So, it touches on a little bit of the idea of what’s been going on here with COVID, but it does it in a metaphorical way through a relationship.”

Dierks thinks being able to interpret the song in a couple of different ways is a big help, “So, I don’t think anybody wants to hear anything too directly written about what happening right now. It’d be too depressing.”

How ever you listen to it, “Gone” is just a great song that Dierks loves praising — and he jokes he can talk it up all he wants, “I just love the groove, I love the way it feels…one of the good things about not writing the song, is that I can brag on it. It’s just written well! It’s well, well written with a great grove, it’s fun to listen to…it just feels like a great song.”

Dierks Bentley created a great music video for “Gone” as well — in fact, it’s so good, it received a ACM Award nomination for Video of the Year! Check it out right here…

Photo Credit: Jim Wright

This article was originally published on TheCountryDaily.com.

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