Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall have released another track in advance of their album The Marfa Tapes coming out on May 7th.

Talking about the song, Miranda says, “Am I Right or Amarillo” was Jack Ingram’s title and of course Jon Randall’s beautiful Blue Grass roots came out on that song. You know, it’s three part harmony and it’s old school country.”

Jon added, “I think we were talking about the most time we’ve ever spent in Amarillo was at the truck stop. We just started riffing on the title and a cheating song showed itself. We all miss country cheating songs so we just went with it. It is really more of a bluegrass kind of thing.” 

When it comes to the recordings on The Marfa Tapes, Miranda shares, “They’re raw. You can hear the wind blowing, the cows mooing… We wanted you to feel like you were right there with us, sitting around the campfire, escaping the world, disappearing into the music.”

Headline Photo Credit: Spencer Peeples

Additional Photo Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

This article was originally published on TheCountryDaily.com.

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