Niko Moon was definitely having a “Good Time” when a trip to the Gibson Guitar offices resulted in him being presented with a custom guitar!

Niko says, “Today was a EPIC! I got to hangout with my friends at Gibson & they surprised me with my custom guitar!”

Niko shared, “I’ve been working with them on creating this one of a kind beauty for about a year now and I can’t believe it’s finally here!!”

Of course, now Niko only wants to do one thing with his new custom guitar, “Can’t wait to get out and play this LIVE!!!”

Which it looks like if things go to plan, he’ll have a few dates coming up over the next couple of months! For date and venue info, head to

When he does get out on stage, we’re sure Niko Moon will be playing this one — it’s his number-one song “Good Time”…

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato

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